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29 May

Welcome to Of Mind & Body

Photo by Flickr user ~jjjohn~

This is a blog about culture and biology. As the science communicator in residence, I invite you join me as I navigate the complex and fascinating world of the thing we call ‘mind’ and other thing we call ‘body’.

I will examine the strange, the obscure and the hottest trending topics of the day in science as they relate to the mind and body.

But wait a sec, are the mind and body one and the same, or two separate things?

I’m not sure! Best guess: they occupy a category that defies definition.

Settling a debate that has been raging for millenia is not the focus of this blog. It’s about discovery and inquiry. Finding out more about the human body and psychology is the inspiration behind Of Mind & Body.

You could say it all started with my first undergraduate biopsychology class at McGill University…